Record Player Bluetooth, Vintage Turntable with 2 Stereo Speakers Built-in Bluetooth Input Output for Double-Speed Vinyl Record Belt-Drive Manual Turntable Portable Record Player

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Product Description


enjoy record with your familyenjoy record with your family

Enjoy vinyl with your family

record cleanning kitrecord cleanning kit Record Cleaning Kit Included

Removes Dust, Dirt & Finger printsDeep Clean Vinyl Recordslmprove Audio FidelityPreserve Your Records

Experience unparalleled vinyl music playback with the Herneum Turntable. Meticulously engineered from the ground up with the strictest standards, specifically for the discerning vinyl listener to reproduce audio recordings exactly as the musician intended.

Stylus Brush * 1 Soft Velvet Brush * 1 Anti-Static Brush * 1 Storage Box * 1

Connect Your Life with Vinyl

All-in-one in a Small Size

The Herneum XO-0201B Integrated record player is a quality presentation from texture to sound, featuring a built-in, high-performance stereo speaker system. It’s easy to get started and enjoyed by any vinyl beginner and music lover seeking a compact and elegant vinyl-playing solution.

An Elegant, Well-Crafted Turntable Built-in Full-Range Stereo Speakers Bluetooth Input and Output Belt-Drive Motor 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds Factory-Installed High-Output Moving Coil Cartridge Herneum 0302B record player will usually give you the purer sound.



record playerrecord player

Speed Stability This great belt-drive turntable, have a fairly heavy platter and a well-isolated motor. Sheer musical enjoyment Less motor noise Eaiser to maintain AUTO-STOP PLAYING TECHNOLOGY

You will need to be comfortable lowering the cueing lever and lining up your stylus to land at the beginning of the record groove. After end of the song, the turnable will auto-stop to ensure you could life the lever back up when you are free, it could also protect your vinyl.

Listen the Most Original Music MANUAL TURNABLE

You could enjoy the analog ritual of placing the stylus and pay closer attention to the music.Fewer mechanical parts mean fewer potential breakdowns and things that can go wrong. BELT DRIVE

Belt-drives skirt some of the problems caused by vibrations from the motor (which can produce distortion) thanks to the belt itself, which serves as a shock absorber of sorts and prevents any sort of funny business when it comes to the sound.For vinyl lovers, more fun about hearing all of the nuances in the record grooves with as little distortion as possible.

Steps to install

Install aluminum platter Install the aluminum die-cast platter on the turntable of the central polished stainless steel spindle. Place the belt Pulling both ends of the red ribbon that comes attached to the belt, place the belt on the motor pulley. Remove the red ribbon from the belt. Place the slip mat Place the slip mat on the platter and vinyl. Push and turn the tonearm Gently push and turn the tonearm, then you could start listening to the record.

【Record Player with Bluetooth Input & Output】Built-in Bluetooth with high-res encoding lets you pair with a compatible Bluetooth devices, wireless headphones, or speakers. Thanks to the exclusive technology, you’ll experience top-shelf audio playback, which could offer a massive sonic improvement.
【High-Output Magnetic Cartridge】Placing the turntable’s stylus on your record, hearing those initial pops and crackles before you are immersed in your music. There is something about the ritual of vinyl that is unmatched. Your music will sound richer when the exclusive moving magnet stylus rests in the grooves of your favorite vinyl record at a mere 2.0 grams of tracking force, having a flat frequency response for a natural sound.
【Auto-Stop at the End of the Vinyl Record】This fully manual turntable allows you to have a more interactive experience, provides precise audio reproduction, and improved sound quality. It will also alleviate your concerns if you are concerned about doing other activities while listening to a record. The automatic design will stop the turning at the end of the vinyl record. You can pick the tonearm up and return to a resting position when you are free.
【Precise Construction】Under the turntable’s polished exterior is a heavy base designed to resist external vibration. Meanwhile, the belt-driven die-cast aluminum platter provides excellent rotational stability that minimizes friction for smooth, silent rotation. The static balance straight tonearm is adjustable, with stable hydraulic lift and an anti-skating mechanism, you’ll appreciate its highly precise tracking performance, even when scratching intensely, you can be sure the stylus won’t skip a beat.
【High-Fidelity Sound】 Built-in 4 speakers, extra-large cavities for more powerful bass, and clearer treble, the full-range speaker system offer a high-resolution and delicate stereo sound that fills the room. The built-in phono preamp also lets you make a wired connection to just about any receiver, integrated amp, or powered speakers you have in your sound system.

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